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The Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

The Lomi Lomi Nui (LLN) is a massage that communicates with all senses. A soothing atmosphere, beautiful Hawaiian ambiance, flowery scents and pleasant Hawaiian music will provide a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere, while your masseuse moves about in a playful dancing motion, doing the so-called "frigate-bird step".

What makes the LLN so special, is that your masseuse uses both hands as well as her forearms to perform unusually long and extensive strokes during the massage. This creates harmony and unity between you body, your spirit and sour soul.

The LLN has a relaxing and harmonizing effect on the muscles and joints. The massage is a cleansing ritual, freeing your energies. Maybe you are currently in a state of stress or in a phase of changes? The LLN may give you an effective support in releasing stress and relieving tensions. You will be lifted into a state of bliss and harmony - with yourself and even your environment.

It is such an unusual experience to be the recipient of the LLN - four hands doing magic on your body. Your head will be completely confused, no longer being able to follow the movements of four hands. That way you can "unwind" quickly and let go all of your problems.