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The Tantra-Massage

A Tantra-Massage is a sensual, deeply touching massage in which your body is indulged by warm oil, feathers and furs. In this beautiful setting, you may go on a journey to your inner being. All feelings may surface: Pleasure, relaxation, sadness and even lust and ecstasy; it is all welcome, for you are accepted the way you are. With a tender presence your masseuse will guide you on your way to sensuality and your deepest sexual feelings. Give in to love, comfort and well-being.

During the Tantra-Massage, your entire body, from head to toe, will be sensually awakened by the tender hands of your masseuse, touching your whole body including the Lingam or (in case you are a woman) your Yoni - if you wish.
( Lingam and Yoni are the male and female sexual organs from a tantric point of view)
It is a feast for your senses, at times playful and soft, and sometimes even vigorous: Shivers tingling down your spine, deepest joy and happiness.

You as the recipient remain passive throughout the Tantra-Massage. We would like to point out, that the Tantra-Massage will never be an invitation to mutual touching or even sexual acts. You may just lay back and enjoy...